I'm a cinematographer based out of Kansas City.  I've created moving images for brands like ESPN, AMC Movie Theaters, Bayer, LG, and Cargill to name a few. 

I also own a production company that serves Midwest clients such as Jack Stack Barbecue, Gould Evans and non-profits like AdHoc Against Crime.  

When I'm not creating, I love to read, search for new music, ride bikes (mountain and road) and immerse myself in new cultures. 

Stay up to date with me over on Instagram, @georgemullinix

For various reels, including narrative work, and gear lists please contact me at +1 816 550 0909 or mullinixphoto@gmail.com


  • RED GEMINI 5K S35 (EF & PL)
  • MOVI PRO with Mimic
  • INSPIRE 2 with Xenmuse X7 (CINEDNG license)
  • LED Lighting Kit – (RGB, fresnels, pars)


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