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  1. My experience as a photographer at the Mountain West Conference tournament

    16 Mar 2015

    A majority of my week was spent in Las Vegas and mostly inside the Thomas and Mack Center. I was there to document the Mountain West Conference tournament for the conference itself. It was the first time I’ve ever been given all-access to an event and I cannot explain how…

  2. Photo of the Week, Vol. 9

    11 Mar 2015

    It’s 5:00 a.m. and my alarm starts to sound off. Tristan and I are in San Francisco staying at TJ’s apartment. TJ’s a close high school friend that I grew up with, we were lucky enough to have spent the evening before catching up over a few beers at a…

  3. Photo of the Week, Vol. 8

    04 Mar 2015

    Recently I watched a promotional video for Jeremy Cowart’s ”See University,” an online seminar for photographers. In the video he speaks about how all of us are, right now, starting the “beginning of our digital family tree.” That “one day our grandchildren and their grandchildren will google us and read…

  4. Photo of the Week, Vol. 6

    17 Feb 2015

    Astrophotography has always been a special interest of mine and luckily for me and other photographers my age we’re not working with film, meaning we get instant results and can play around with different concepts at essentially no cost. I started doing astrophotography a few years back in Northern Michigan…

  5. Photo of the Week, Vol. 5

    11 Feb 2015

    My Photo of the Week, Vol. 5 isn’t exactly a technically or artistically challenging image but it is a look into what I do on a daily basis. For the past two years I’ve been as close to the University of Kansas athletics as you can be, photographing everything from…

  6. Photo of the Week, Vol. 3

    25 Jan 2015

    I love light, heck, my two cats’ names are Lux and Lucius, two different ways to say “light” in Latin. I look forward to everytime I get to work with lights because it reminds me of trying to solve a critical thinking problem – I have this idea in my…

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