Photo of the Week, Vol. 8

Recently I watched a promotional video for Jeremy Cowart’s ”See University,” an online seminar for photographers. In the video he speaks about how all of us are, right now, starting the “beginning of our digital family tree.” That “one day our grandchildren and their grandchildren will google us and read about our history” – or in other words reading the book we are writing.

I’m sure this has been a thought that has popped into all of our heads in some form or fashion over the past several years. Daily, we post to our devices, consume other’s posts and bury ourselves in a consistent supply of digital stories.

Last weekend I took a trip to Chicago to visit my brother and decided to use my iPhone 6+ to document the trip and scenes around me. I took several images that eventually were posted to my social media sites for the whole world to see. While these photos are nothing spectacular they do help me remember how much fun my brother and I had that weekend and the laughs Ren and I shared.

While I will remember this weekend for many years to come, simple details like the weather, the unfolding of events and dates will eventually fade and I’ll most likely have to rely on these tiny 640 px x 640 px images to help me remember these minute details that might spark another special memory we shared. Ren and I were truly adding to our digital family tree this weekend.

It’s exciting to think my ancestors might look back on these images one day and catch a glimpse of their family’s past or the “start of their digital family tree.”

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