Photo of the Week, Vol. 7

Over the past two weeks I’ve been getting high school sports assignments from the Lawrence Journal World and it has been AWESOME. After spending the past four years around University athletes and teams I forgot how incredibly gifted high school athletes can be and how much emotion rides on every game and event.

Last weekend I got a call from Mike Yoder, LJW Chief Photographer, asking if I wanted to photograph the Kansas 6A State Swim Championship. Of course I took the great opportunity even though I’d never photographed an entire swim meet before. When I showed up at Topeka Hummer Sports Complex I was mesmerized by how many people were there and the incredible amounts of colors representing each school. My assignment was to photograph six different athletes from two different schools competing in eight different events.

When I got into the media room I grabbed a sheet with all the heats on it and was totally lost at what to do. After a couple minutes of trying to comprehend who was who and what was what I saw a familiar face, Chris Neal, a staff photographer at the Topeka-Capitol Journal and overall hard worker and great guy.

Chris was my savior on this day. He showed me where to shoot from, how to read what heat was when and little things like to stop down when taking a picture of the scoreboard so I had the times after each heat. It really goes ot show how little I really know and how much I cannot wait to learn.

My Photo of Week, Vol. 7 is of a Lawrence High School freshman named Stephen Johnson, one of the six athletes I was to photograph. I was in a spot that allowed me to get reaction from each athlete as they looked at the board. Johnson’s race was the 500 yard freestyle, a grueling event known for its length. The celebrations from the heat before were uneventful but Johnson’s heat was a very close finish, resulting in a jubilant celebration from Johnson (after he got the water out of his eyes). Below is a sequence and the image I picked that ran in the LJ World on Sunday.

A big thanks to Chris Neal and a big congratulations to Stephen Johnson on placing third in the State Championship as a freshman, an impressive feat!

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1 second (10 frames) sequence:


Photo Specs:
Canon 7D II (1/250’, 2.8, 2500)
Canon 70 - 200 IS

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