Photo of the Week, Vol. 3

I love light, heck, my two cats’ names are Lux and Lucius, two different ways to say “light” in Latin. I look forward to everytime I get to work with lights because it reminds me of trying to solve a critical thinking problem – I have this idea in my head and I have to work with the lights to make that idea come to life.

When I typically light a photo for a client I choose how I’ll light it by thinking about who my client’s audience is. For instance, when I photograph athletes I use harder light to make their bodies and actions pop and when I photograph classical musicians I use softer light and flag the light to highlight their beautiful instruments. Friday night was a personal photo night so I got to make a series of images for myself. About a year ago I had seen Brian Ingram’s work and his soft and simplistic style has stuck with me ever since. I love his use of negative fill and his ability to control his light.

This series of different portraits was photographed under thirty minutes and afterwards I was totally jacked about what we had as final images. Like last week’s Photo of the Week, these images were worked very little in Photoshop (increased contrast with a BW conversion). The lighting setup (diagram below) was relatively simple, just two lights – a modified (18” white beauty dish) fill placed two feet below camera leff at about 1/6 power and a modified (30” x 60” soft box) key at about 1/4 power placed one foot camera right right. Then I placed two 6” x 4” wood boards – bought at Home Depot and covered with black sheets – extremely close to her face to add some negative fill to the image.

I’ve photographed Mackenzie more than anyone else and I wanted to make portraits that were different from the other ones I’ve made of her. She has some awesome hair and she successfully wears it in so many different ways so we decided to use her hair to achieve different portraits and I think it worked very well.

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Photo Specs:
Canon 5D Mark III
Sigma 85mm f/1.4 @ f/8.0
Two Einstein strobes (modified)
Triggered by PocketWizards

Using Format