Photo of the Week, Vol. 10

We’re 10 weeks into 2015 and I’ve kept my New Year’s Resolution to write a blog post every week, I think may be a George Record when it comes to Resolutions.  If you didn’t know already, and you should because I know you read my last post, I was in Las Vegas for six days last week photographing the Mountain West Tournament for the conference and the NCAA. 

Photographing a tournament is definitely a marathon and not a sprint.  To begin with, I had to think differently than I usually would as a photojournalist.  My job was to document every coach and player’s impact on the tournament and to capture the emotion and energy of the tournament, meaning I was photographing every player and coach, even if they rode the bench and their was only role was to cheer on their team I still photographed it.  

As one team’s season ended another’s continued.  The tournament ended with the men’s championship between Wyoming and San Diego State.  To reach this point in the tournament both teams had won 4 consecutive games, meaning I had a nice set of images for each player.  As in any form of photography, every subject is different and when it comes to basketball I prefer photographing players that are outspoken and exceptionally emotional (side note: I hated playing against these types of players).  

After the Championship I went through my 115 selects from the tournament and found that I had a take of Wyoming senior guard Charles Hankerson Jr. that really showed who he is as a player and a person.  He’s a hard-nosed defender who isn’t afraid to get physical;  he’s focused and knows how to get the job done; he’s not afraid to get in his teammates faces but after all is said and done, he’s just a big lover. He wanted a Mountain West Championship and wanted an invitation to the NCAA tournament and he and his team found a way to get both. Below are my seven images of his impact on the Mountain West Tournament.  

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