Wrap 2019

Wrap Party 2019, Video Version!

Hola mis amigos!  That’s a wrap on 2019 and on a decade, I’m still unsure how we name the decade we are wrapping up today - is it the “Tens”, the “2010s?” Whatever.

I’m celebrating with a journal entry because 2010 was a major turning point for me - it was the start to my creative journey.  I began the decade studying evolutionary biology at the University of Kansas, eventually working as a professional scientist at the University of Kansas (even getting published), then come 2012 I found my passion for image making, going on a three year journey working as a photojournalist for newspapers around the country.  I quickly shifted to shooting video once video became standard inside DSLRs and after a couple years of assisting, I transitioned to being a full-time Director of Photography (DP) in 2015.  It’s been an incredibly beautiful 4 years with projects that have ranged from narrative films, short-form documentaries, commercials and branded content.  In addition to being a DP, I’ve been an Executive Producer on several projects, including the the Barth Brother’s ‘A Pity,’ and two short-form documentaries for Ironman and Sidi.  On “A Pity” I also worked under cinematographer Chayse Irvin, CSC, as a gaffer.

Looking back on 10 years I realize a lot can go down in a decade and that time surely does fly.  I still think back to one of my first edits in 2011 that was a simple monthly recap.  Now, we see videos like the recaps I made all the time on social media, but basically I’d document (on a GoPro) my friends and family doing activities then lay the footage over a sick new track (shoutout Avicii), upload the video to YouTube, post to social media, wha-la. 

Well guys, it is New Years Eve, 2019. So I decided why not make a little 2019 recap video fueled by words from two projects I finished this year (Griffin & Rachael), analog stills (fun fact: I started shooting most of my personal photography on 35mm and 120mm film in late 2017, shout out Kodak for the feature on Instagram), and some hootenanny BTS, some shot vertically on iPhone - I for sure never saw that coming in 2010.  

2019 was a fun-filled year that had me on the move for projects (California, Utah,  New York, Chicago, Michigan, Nebraska, Louisiana, Tennessee, Arkansas, Wisconsin, Oregon, New Mexico, Iowa, Colorado), visits to Northern Michigan to see my parents, and multi-day treks in Ecuador and Yosemite with my bros Sam and Keaton (shout out to Keaton getting engaged!).  The most unexpected highlight is that my team, the Kansas City Chiefs, actually have a shot at the Super Bowl - more on that in February … hopefully.

Film selects from 2019

Some analog snaps from 2019.  A mix of stocks were used, mostly Kodak, the 35mm images were shot on a Rebel I bought for $35 in a parking lot next to a Quicktrip and the 120mm is from a Mamiya 645afd, thanks Tristan for the rec!  

Rachael, a Video Portrait

When I first met Rachael in 2016 she was working and going to school full-time on top of training to become a world class triathlete. From my college racing days, I knew that riding a bike 120 miles in one day was hard, but pair that with running 26.2 miles and swimming 2 miles in the same day AND do it with a massive smile on your face like Rachael does – it made me think, how does she do it? 

A film by George Mullinix and LAGO Films
With support from Maggie McLandsborough, Lydia Anderson and Tristan Gramling

Personal time in the studio, February 2019

I had seen some of legendary cinematographer Gabriel Figueroa’s work in a LACMA exhibit and was inspired to play around with shadows and hard light. B&W shot on Kodak T-Max 400, color shot on Kodak Portra 800 in Travis Carroll and Tom Barnhart’s West Bottoms studio space. 

Thank you Kodak for the share!

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